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Daal Bhat Tarkari (Thali)
Traditional Nepali combination platter served with rice, daal (lentil soup), two kinds of vegetables,papad, aachar (pickle) and house special dessert.
(V)$ 10.95
(C)$ 11.95
(G)$ 12.95
(F)$ 12.95
Vegetarian (NEPALI KITCHEN) Price
Raayo Saag
Mustard green leaves fried with cumin seeds.
$ 7.95
Aloo Tama Bodi
Potato, bamboo shoot, black eyed peas served with rice.
$ 7.95
Aloo Kauli Ko Tarkari
Slice potato and cauliflower sautéed with tomato, ginger, garlic , Nepalese spices and herbs garnished with cilantro.
$ 7.95
Gundruk Ko Tarkari
Typical Nepali curry-Spice dried fermented, dehydrated vegetable and potato served with rice.
$ 7.95
Non-Vegetarian (NEPALI KITCHEN) Price
Khasi ko masu(Gravy or Dry)
Popular Nepali style goat curry served with rice.
$ 9.95
Kukhura ko masu ( Gravy or Dry)
Our home-style chicken curry served with rice.
$ 8.95
Gundruk Ra Masu
Typical Nepali Fermented dehydrated dry veg and your choice of meat with Nepali spices served with rice.
(C)$ 9.95
Sizzler Price
Your choice of grilled meat with boiled broccoli, potato, carrot and sautéed noodle topped with house special sauce.
(C)$ 10.95
(Be)$ 11.95
(L)$ 12.95
(S)$ 14.95
Appetizers (TIBETAN KITCHEN) Price
Sliced Mung bean jelly mixed with garlic and sichuan peppers pepper in a house special chilly & soy sauce.
$ 3.95
Dhoepa Khatsa
Beef honey crumb sautéed with garlic, ginger and spices.
$ 4.95
Chicken / Pork / Fish or Tofu Chilly
Choice of Chicken / Pork / Fish or Tofu sautéed with garlic, ginger, red onions, green and red bell peppers.
$ 8.95
Gyuma (Steamed/ Fried)
Our homemade Tibetan style sausage filled with beef blood and ground beef “A Himalayan Yak Speciality”.
$ 9.95
Tsel Thang
Light clear vegeterian soup with tofu and spinach.
$ 3.95
Chasha Thang
Clear Chicken broth with shredded chicken, corn and cilantro.
$ 4.95
Hot and Sour Soup
House made special broth choice of Chicken or Shrimp with mushroom, tomato lemongrass, garlic and lime juice.
(C)$ 8.95
(S)$ 6.95
(V)$ 4.95
Himalayan Soup
HImalayan Style oatmeal soup.
$ 5.95
Dang Tsel(Tibetan Salad)
Cabbage, carrot, and tomato tossed in vinegar.
$ 3.95
Nepal Salad
Slices of carrot, cucumber, tomato, lime and red onion.
$ 4.95
House Salad
Mixed seasonal green vegetables salad with chef’s special dressing.
$ 4.95
Spicy Seafood Salad
Shrimp, calamari, cucumbar, bean, thread, carrot, tomato tossed with spicy honey mustard dressing.
$ 7.95
Noodles/Soup Noodles (TIBETAN KITCHEN) Price
Noodles sautéed with choice of meat mixed with cabbage and carrot sprinkled with scallion.
(C)$ 7.95
(Be)$ 7.95
(S)$ 8.95
Tsp Phing
Bean thread noodles cooked with mixed vegetables, pieces of dried fungus, black mushroom and potato served with tingmo.
$ 7.95
Bean thread noodles cooked with choice of (Chicken/Beef), pieces of dried fungus and potato served with tingmo.
$ 7.95
Gyathuk (Thukpa)
Noodle soup cooked with choice of (Chicken/Beef), cabbage, carrot and spinach.
(V)$ 7.95
(C)$ 8.95
(Be)$ 8.95
Traditional Tibetan style hand pulled flat cooked with choice of (Chicken/Beef), radish and spinach.
(V)$ 7.95
(C)$ 8.95
(Be)$ 8.95
Mok-Thuk (Chicken/Beef)
Mini Tibetan dumpling filled with ground meat in soup with corn, diced carrot, cut green beans, peas and fresh spinach.
$ 8.95
Vegetarian (TIBETAN KITCHEN) Price
Sho-go Khatsa(Aloo Dum)
Boiled sliced potato sautéed with chili sauce, turmeric sprinkled with cilantro served with Bhaley.
$ 8.95
Tse Shogo Ngopa
Lightly sautéed sliced boiled potato, spinach, shiitake mushroom and red bell-pepper served with tingmo.
$ 8.95
Tse Nezom
Fresh mushroom, broccoli, zucchini, carrots and spinach sautéed in herbs with tingmo or rice.
$ 8.95
Tse Tofu
Sliced tofu sautéed with vegetables served with tingmo or rice.
$ 8.95
Non-Vegetarian (TIBETAN KITCHEN) Price
Sliced beef/yak sautéed with garlic, ginger, red onion, green and red bell-pepper served with bhaley( Tibetan bread).
(Be)$ 9.95
(Y)$ 13.95
Sliced beef/yak tongue sautéed with red onion, red & green bell-pepper served with Bhaley.
$ 10.95
(Y)$ 13.95
Shogok Ngopa
Choice of (Chicken/Beef) lightly sautéed with ginger, garlic, potato, spinach and red-pepper served with tingmo.
$ 9.95
Shen Dey Ngopa(Fried Rice)
Fried rice with choice of Chicken/Pork/Beef/Seafood, corn, diced carrot, green beans, peas and cabbage sprinkled with cilantro.
(C)$ 7.95
(Be)$ 7.95
(P)$ 7.95
(S)$ 9.95
Paytse – Chicken/Beef
Choice of (Chicken/Beef) sautéed with Napa (cabbage), carrot, red bell-pepper, and spinach served with choice of Tingmo or Rice.
$ 8.95
Vegetarian (INDIAN KITCHEN) Price
Palak Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese (Paneer) and spinach cooked in spices and herbs served with rice.
$ 8.95
Paneer Butter Masala
Cubes of cottage cheese (Paneer) and spinach cooked with spices and herbs served with rice.
$ 9.95
Dal Makhani
Black lentil kidney beans, yellow lentil cooked in Indian spices and butter served with rice.
(C)$ 7.95
Non-Vegetarian (INDIAN KITCHEN) Price
Chicken Tikka Masala
Clay oven cooked pieces of chicken simmered in tomato onion sauce served with rice.
$ 9.95
Seafood (INDIAN KITCHEN) Price
Whole Red Snapper
Marinated deep fried Whole Red Snapper in sweet and sour sauce, served with rice.
$ 12.95
Grilled Salmon
Grilled salmon with dill sauce served with rice.
$ 11.95
Himalayan Exotic Food Price
Phaparko Dhendo
Himalayan combination platter comes with buckwheat flour doug, yogurt sauce, crushed radish pickle, house special vegetables and choice of chicken or goat curry with butter on side.
$ 12.95
Phaparko Roti
Himalayan buckwheat bread served with Aloo Zimbhu sukuti crushed radish pickle & choice of chicken or goat curry.
$ 12.95
Ema – Datsi
The fiery Bhutanese national dish !!! Spicy chili (Long green chilly) in american cheese sauce served with Rice.
$ 9.95
Phaksha Pa
Sliced pork sautéed with long green chilly and slice of radish with American cheese served with Tingmo.
$ 10.95
Side Order Price
Tingmo / Bhaley
Tibetan steamed bun/ Tibetan Amdo bread.
$ 1.50
Brown Rice / White Rice $ 1.50
Plain / Butter Naan $ 2.00
Garlic Naan $ 2.50
Aachar (Potato/Radish)
Traditional Nepali pickle made with ground tomatoes, ground coriander, garlic, ginger and spices.
$ 3.95
Plain Papad (3pc)
The crispy wafer.
$ 2.00
Desserts Price
Bhakcha Markhu
Hand made pasta, sugar, butter & grated cheese.
$ 3.95
House made rice pudding topped with almonds, walnuts and raisins.
$ 3.95
Gulab Jamun(3 pieces) $ 2.95
Ras Malai (3 pieces) $ 3.95
Tiramisu/ Cheese Cake/ Chocolate Muse $ 2.95
Ice Cream (Vanilla / Green Tea) $ 3.95


** (V)Vegeterian, (C)Chicken, (P)Pork, (G)Goat, (Be)Beef, (Bu)Buff, (L)Lamb, (M)Mushroom, (S)Shrimp, (P)Paneer, (Y)Yak.
** Yak meat is served only on seasons.
** Prices are subject to change.